Saturday, May 27, 2017

Experiments with visuals and algorithms of Strategilization

The ideal strategy for me is a cellular automaton, where the player indirectly influences some of its parameters.

Have you played Conway's Life? That's what I want to make, but for Civilizations. Now experimenting with algorithms for Strategilization. As soon as they satisfy me, I'll release an update.

Also, as today is #screenshotsaturday, I'm presenting new experimental visuals.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sería bueno que hubieran tecnologias por desbloquear y que hubiera un tutorial

  2. Nice screenshot! Looking forward to seeing it ingame.
    By the way, I find it i.possible to add a comment to. Your articles in the mobile view. I always have to switch to desktop mode first on my Android handset. Maybe you would get more comments without this issue.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I like the idea of game of Life. Opens up a rich set of possibilities.
    But it also sounds quite like indirect control.
    Indirect control is a hard to get right for a game being fun.
    Part of a game being fun is about feedback about your actions.
    So if I can see that my people did X because of my decision Y, I get a sense of agency and with that, fun.
    I hope that you can pull that off. I myself would probably err on the side of giving the player more control (which leads to micromanaging). But maybe that's why I am a web dev for a MMORPG and not developing on the game itself :D

  4. The game is amazing.
    Although I can't save my game and I'v always to start over every time I enter the game. if there's a way to save the game please tell me.if not please add that to the game.

  5. No consigo entender bien de qué manera el desarrollo de la ciudad influye en la población, o cómo satisfacer sus demandas. Hasta ahora lo encuentro muy entretenido. Espero que pronto incluyan la posibilidad de guardar el juego, ya que una vez que lo cierro debo empezar otra vez de cero.

  6. When I open the Windows version of the game, it just makes a white screen that stays up apparently indefinitely on my screen until I alt-tab out of it. Is there a way to get the game running properly on my computer?