Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Strategilization: alpha testing of expansion

OK, let's start playing the game and share your vision. Now you can just expand your land, without waging wars with neighbours. The game was completely reworked (core gameplay and the interface, comparing to the pre-alpha versions).

So, please, share your opinion in:
1. is the current development speed comfortable for the player?
2. will you manage to reach the second continent earlier than the AIs? (by default, all the players will start on one continent, and the other one is situated somewhere across the ocean).
3. does the game explain everything to the player?

Game version for android

Game version for windows


  1. windows version just shows a white screen. android version is not playable on samsung s5 or android 4.4 OS. lots of buttons not layering properly and game closing itself after 80ish turns.

  2. Try to add possiabily to save.
    And maybe write each city expansion and construction turn it is (if i understood the game currectly)

  3. I played to turn 4000, automating everything after a while.
    What I noticed:
    - development is a bit slow
    - I could not reach the second continent using autoexploration as exploring at the end took hundreds of turns on the water.
    - I had countless upgraded camps and monoliths, though.
    - saving and loading is direly missing
    - missing explanations:
    -- what do buildings do
    -- what do city upgrades do
    -- what is the difference between tiles (currently only amount of food?)
    -- why don't I have labor/exploration/etc or why that much
    -- why do my people want to do this or that
    -- which city is currently active
    -- what do the numbers mean

  4. What I forgot:
    I like the new version. Big improvement!
    More missing Infos:
    - Why can't I build building/city improvement X
    - why can't I expand to Y yet
    - what should I do to get X (like more labor)
    - which tiles belong to which city

    The German translation (yai for having one) is not bad, but can be improved. E.g. found a new city is (Neue) Stadt gründen.

    1. Thank you very much!
      I'm going to make one more complete core gameplay rebuild (this won't take long, like this time). And then will cover all the mentioned points.

  5. - why can't I expand to Y yet
    - what should I do to get X (like more labor)
    - which tiles belong to which city

  6. Приветствую, проект хороший, надеюсь вы его не забросите, по моему мнению не хватает уведомлений, например, построена, феома/обелиск/лагерь, исследование перешло на новый уровень и так далее, плюс описания зданий (какое здание что дает)

  7. either than the fact that everyobe is somehow peacefully living inside eachothers territories, I like it

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  11. I would like to know the basics of how to play. I would request a readme file that tells you basic things. I was surrounded by an AI and could not fight my way out Because I have no clue as to how to "declare war" or what to do to be able to conquer land quicker etc

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